This is a year-round, self-paced program for infants through preschoolers who have not yet entered Kindergarten.Studies show that children who are exposed to 1,000 books before kindergarten have a more solid foundation for school and are more prepared to learn.  Sign up at the library for your child to receive rewards for every 100 books read!







Classroom Visits

Our Youth Services Librarians are happy to make visits to school aged classrooms as they are available.  For preschools and day-care centers located in Waukee, we are also happy to visit and perform monthly Storytimes that will model early literacy skills that teachers can use in their classrooms.  E-mail Keri or Diana to schedule a visit.

For Homeschoolers

Our Youth Services Librarians would be happy to show your children how to use the library, the online card catalog, and the library's collection of online magazine research articles in Ebscohost.  Please e-mail Keri to schedule a session.

A Note to Parents & Caregivers
Storytime is not just for kids! Our Storytimes are designed to demonstrate to parents how to teach early literacy skills. Please sit with your child and participate even if your child is shy. Children learn by example, and you are their best role model. We do not expect rapt silent attention. If your child does become disruptive, feel free to leave the room together and return when he/she has calmed down.