Winter weather is in full swing, which often means plenty of snow! So let's take advantage of this season's natural resource to make some one-of-a-kind dyed fabric. (Ice will be substituted if the weather is uncooperative.) With this simple technique, the melting snow/ice will create beautiful textures and impressions for an unrepeatable result.

Rather than the Library supplying the fabric and everyone doing the exact same project, this time you get to bring your own fabric. Fabric should be untreated and dyeable and either cotton, rayon, cotton, linen, or hemp (all other fabrics will NOT take the dye we will be using). We suggest purchasing from Dharma Trading, as they have a large selection of affordable, dyeable options. Your fabric of choice MUST be small enough to fit on a 15x9 rack once scrunched up. (A dress, a shirt OR a pair of pants should fit. But large items like a blanket or a towel will not work for this project.) Those registered are highly encouraged to get their fabric approved to ensure it will work for the class.

If you are unable to purchase your own fabric, you can still take the class! Just select the option: "I am not bringing my own fabric" when registering for the class and you will be provided with an oversized dishtowel to dye.

Note: Participants will not go home with their creation the same day. Project Pickup Day will be Sunday, January 22nd beginning at 1pm.  

This is an ADULT craft (see our Events Calendar for Kids and Teen events).