"Nature in Color" - Monica Zunino-Mel
October 5 - November 2, 2019



Monica Zunino-Mel's motivation is nature. She says her goal is "to create a bridge between realism and abstraction with brushstrokes stemming from my inner rhythms. The vivid colors I use represent the emotional paradise for which every soul desires."​

Monica's paintings are created through a process of layering, with lively flowing colors creating forms such as silhouettes, circles, branches, leaves and other natural elements which are combined in vibrant color fields. With these, she hopes to "convey a message and evoke a response from the viewer.​" ​Monica says that she enjoys experimenting with colorful layering and different forms that she discovers as the brush flows on the canvas.

"Every piece of art is a new journey. Even though I always begin with a main idea, it changes as the painting evolves and develops. All in all, my art in an homage to life itself."