Today the name Hershey is synonymous with quality milk chocolate. But that wasn't always the case. Milton S. Hershey worked hard and failed often before his chocolate company was finally successful. And when he did become a household name and had earned a vast fortune, Milton and his wife Catherine decided to give it all away. Because of their generosity, tens of thousands of orphans have been saved, protected, and educated. Learn more about the fascinating history of the Hershey and his chocolate company in this online presentation by historical impersontator, lecturer, and librarian Laura Keyes.

Registration Required for this online talk. Those who are registered to "attend" will be emailed a private link to the presentation video—so double check that you have entered a valid email address! The presentation video will only be available to view from Saturday, February 5th at 1:00pm until Saturday, February 12th.

To sweeten this chocolatey event further, 35 lucky people on the Registration List will be chosen at random to receive a party favor of Hershey's Valentine chocolate. Winners will be contacted via email with more information about picking up their chocolate.