Register to pick-up a bag with supplies for student makers in grades 6-12. Included crafts and activities may be completed on your own using the instruction sheet, or you can save the supplies to complete along with online videos from library staff. This bag will contain supplies for January's activities listed below:

  • DIY Newton’s Cradle
    • 14 large craft sticks (tongue depressor sized or larger)
    • glue
    • 6 marbles
    • 60 inches of yarn
    • pencil
    • ruler
    • tape
  • DIY lemonade lip gloss
    • 1 small re-sealable container
    • 1 packet Kool-aid
    • 1-2 oz petroleum jelly
  • snack
  • word search
  • coloring page

You may pick up on either Friday or Saturday between 10am-11am.

Bags that are not collected by 11am on Saturday may be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.