It's time say "I do" to you this Valentine's Day! "Sologamy" is committing to maintain a meaningful, deep, and loving relationship with yourself. Marrying yourself is a journey of wisdom, love, accepting who you are, and being able to transmit that self-love to others.

In this live Zoom workshop, Mother/daughter holistic wellness duo Ehris Urban & Velya Jancz-Urban will teach you how to make two DIY holistic "love potions:"

  • Freyja's Love Liqueur

Freyja was the most renowned of the Norse goddesses and was in charge of love, beauty, fertility, battle, and death. This herbal tonic is warm, spicy, and sweet with a hint of tartness. Eleuthero is well-known for increasing physical endurance, stamina, and resistance to stress. Ginger has been shown to stimulate circulation and impart warmth to your core, then radiate that heat to the extremities (if you always have cold hands/feet in the winter, you need ginger!).

  • "Will You Accept This Rose?" Face Mask

Whether or not you have a date-night planned, the gooey goodness of this Vanilla-Rose Facial Mask will have you “date ready!” This 4-ounce instant hydrating mask, made with real rose petals, gently soothes and tones with a plumping effect. Each of the four ingredients have been chosen for their unique benefits.

(Ehris and Velya will also share some ceremony ideas for those who are interested.)

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1 Registration = 1 Screen, so you are welcome to take this workshop together with friends or significant others. 

ALSO, the first 25 people on the registration list will be able to pick-up a free Supply Kit (one per household) that will contain some of the harder to find ingredients used in the class. These Supply Kits will be available to pickup via curbside pick-up on Friday, February 11th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm (you will be notified via email if you are eligible to pickup a kit). Curbside pick-up will be located at the Library.

This is an Adult (21+) event.




About the Presenters:

Ehris Urban is the owner of Woodbury, CT’s Grounded Holistic Wellness. She is a green witch, herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy. Additionally, Ehris is a Flower Essence Therapy practitioner, a certified Reiki Master and certified Ingham Method reflexologist. Ehris enjoys beekeeping, tending her organic vegetable and herb gardens, and working in her apothecary. 

Velya Jancz-Urban is a teacher, author, former Brazilian dairy farm owner, and "herstory unsanitized" expert. Moving into a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse ignited Velya’s obsession with researching and creating presentations on the Colonial Era. Velya is happiest with a fresh stack of library books, loves thrift shops, and is passionate about alternative medicine.