Experience the impact of Executive Order 9066, which imprisoned thousands of innocent Japanese-Americans during World War II, through the eyes of one young incarcerated citizen in this dynamic performance.

Using historical perspectives based on real people and events, this Living Voices presentation combines archival film with an actor's performance to create a moving, personal experience of how the world looked, sounded, and felt during the Japanese-American Interment. "Within The Silence" brings you the story of Emiko, an ordinary American teenager whose life is changed forever when racism and xenophobia explode against her community after Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, forcing her and every member of her family to find a way to prove their loyalty to a country that sees them as “the face of the enemy.”

Registration Required for this online performance. Those who are registered to "attend" will be emailed a private link to the performance video—so double check that you have entered a valid email address! 

The video will only be available to view from Saturday, May 21st at 1:00pm until Saturday, May 28th.