Friday, February 14, 2020 Written by Nicole


Valentine’s Day is upon us! 

For many, a lovable or relatable character can make a huge difference in the way we interact with a story. 

When staff at the Waukee Public Library were asked what characters they would write a Valentine to, this is how they responded:







Alex  (Adult Services Librarian) - “I would give a Valentine to both Simon and Baz from Rainbow Rowell’s Wayward Son [second book in her Carry On series].  The boys have been through a lot — vampire cults, a were-skunk wielding a shotgun, and terrible American gas station sandwiches — plus their relationship isn’t in a great spot either.  I think they could both use a pick-me-up and a reminder that they are both brilliant, loveable disasters and that they love each other very much, flaws and all.”






Judy (Public Services Associate) - Judy would give a Valentine to “Ove, from A Man Called Ove [by Fredrik Backman] because he was a grumpy, but lovable, old man that missed his wife so much.  He would never show it, but it would hopefully touch his heart.”







Nicole (Public Services Assistant) - “I would give a Valentine to AIDAN, the artificial intelligence from The Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman.  Poor thing has been through a lot of trauma and has had to make some really tough choices for the humans in their care.  Add to that an increased awareness of their individuality and feelings for a certain someone… That’s a lot to process.  Though they may not have a physical body, AIDAN really deserves a hug.  Happy Valentine’s Day, AIDAN! *hugs tablet* ”





Keri (Youth Services Librarian) - “I would make [a Valentine] for Gallowglass from the All Souls Trilogy [by Deborah Harkness] because he is so loving and loyal for centuries even though he knows his love is destined to be unrequited.”







Deana (Public Services Assistant) - “I would send a Valentine to Olive from the Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren.  Olive struggles a lot in her story and I can relate to it on a visceral level.  I also think she needs a pick me up to brighten her day a bit.” Her Valentine would read,  “Happy Valentines Day, Olive! I hope you have a wonderful day.  Keep your head up and look towards the future.  Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.”






Marie (Public Services Assistant) - “Samin Nosrat would get my valentine. I fell in love with her bubbly personality and infectious laugh listening to a podcast interview. I couldn't read her recipe book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking, fast enough. Samin's passion for cooking inspires confidence and curiosity in the kitchen, while her warm personality makes you want to gather friends and linger over a home-cooked meal.”





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